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Our app is currently in its beta phase undergoing testing in the iOS TestFlight, with the Android release to soon follow. We are excited for you to grow with us! While we are a very small team building and developing, your patience is crucial and appreciated in this exciting journey. Join our waitlist for exclusive early access before our official release. Connect with us through social media for the latest news and updates.


Our Story: Vivaci Audio was created in 2020 out of love and passion for music. In today’s world, we're often flooded with music that sometimes feels algorithmically focused and uninspired. We aimed to craft a platform specifically designed to highlight genuine talent, where music fans have the power to spotlight truly the best of emerging artists, rather than just this week’s viral sensation or the influencer with the biggest following or budget. At Vivaci Audio, music fans truly have control—not just an algorithm.

Are You Ready...

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