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What is Vivaci Audio?

The future of music is independence and we are focused on crafting platforms and tools used by today and tomorrow’s star.

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Vivaci Audio

Whether aiming for a major label deal or the independent route, no other platform offers a better opportunity for visibility and connecting artist directly to their audience.

Vivaci Audio


No matter if you’re here for fun, with friends, or an established Music A&R, no other platform comes close to providing a better opportunity to discover and highlight your music taste.


Vivaci Audio

Vivaci Audio, the premier solution for scouting emerging artists as they rise to the top of the charts. Get a direct look at the hottest upcoming artists and fan listening trends. Contact us for your direct marketing/research needs.

Labels/Content Creators


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The Crowd is Waiting…

Vivaci Audio, the future of interactive music platforms breaking the best of today’s music creators while entertaining music fans all over the world.

Vivaci Audio
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